Monday, October 25, 2004

Movies: Get sharky

Caught 2 shark tales on DVD. One fascinates. The other disappoints.

OPEN WATER - In the tradition of old-fashioned scary movies, this one plays on one's imagination which makes it scarier. The story's premise itself is one that strikes fear in most people's mind -- being abandoned. Out there in the wilderness called the ocean filled with jellyfish, sharks and all things that swim and bite, it's pretty bewildering to be stranded. But I guess the biggest fear comes from the human mind itself, what it does when faced with solitude, despair and hopelessness. The main characters started to unravel in the face of the odds of being rescued and I guess we all have our moments of such unravelling ourselves when faced with similar circumstances.

SHARK TALE - Nothing original here. It's an hour of jokes we've seen Eddie Murphy perform better in the Shrek movies. Can't believe Dreamworks did this, with an all-star cast to boot. Reminds me of Antz which U consider a poor imitation of bugs life. Dare to miss this tale.

RED BOXIN' - Over 44 songs, about 4-5 beers, one great company. Thanks CentralCircle guys for another happy edition of Red Box karaoke night. Aldrin was a revelation here, if you'd ask me. His choice of songs from Lifehouse to Maroon 5 is different fare from what we used to have. B2's "Haring Solomon" and "Jumbo Hotdog" are attention-grabbers as well.

GOLD'S ANNIVERSARY - Played badminton at Glorietta's activity center and for once, I know the feeling of playing in front of a mall crowd like what they do for JVC. Surprised I didn't find the experience unnerving, actually, it was fun! Played with one of my idols, Nonoy Campos, who used to be part of the national team. More than makes up for just one great game on Sunday.


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