Thursday, October 28, 2004

Walking the talk, flickring and Motownin'

My 3rd day wearing this pedometer and if there was any doubt I can take at least 6,000 steps (or roughly 3 kms) a day, this itsy-bitsy device just proved me wrong. The first day I piled up 15,000+ steps. Yesterday, I took around 13,600+ steps. Noticed that the bulk of the walking happens in the afternoon and evening because at noon yesterday, I just have a mere 2,000-2,500 steps. Anyway, this is my non-gym day so it would be a wild guess as to how many steps i can take today. Let's see. Barring overtime work, I'd be out in the badminton courts by 8-9.

FINALLY, FLICKR - Got the chance to finally upload pics from my N6230 to my flickr account thru the kindness of an officemate with a bluetooth device (something I have yet to attend to purchasing). So better late than never. The batch includes pics from Avilon Zoo as well as some snapshots from Fat Michaels in Tagaytay and Tagaytay Highlands. Interested? Just click on the link entitled "look up my flickr photos" at the right column of this blog.

MOTOWN PART DEUX - Something to look forward to -- it's Michael Mcdonald's follow-up to the great Motown CD. Just released in the U.S. this 26th.


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