Thursday, October 7, 2004

Joe black

Today's post is a bit morbid as this and last week are particularly morbid. An aunt passed away last Sat and weren't it for my feverish state, would've hied off to Bulacan to pay my last respects. Am actually surprised by my mom's kwento that some of our relatives have also moved on to the afterlife in the last couple of years, including some who were not even in their mid-40s (I've really been out of touch and estranged).

Then, there's this news of Rio Diaz who finally succumbed to cancer after 6 or so years of battling it. While she was not even an acquaintance, her inspiring story and faith make her seem to be close friend to all who've heard her story and got inspired by it.

Then, the father of one of our bosses lies comatose only months after the wife passed away.

Sad. but we all come to an age when we are confronted by death. When some of our contemporaries suddenly pass away from this earth and one is faced with one's own mortality. it's so true that when you're a teen or a young adult, you somehow feel like an immortal, fearless and ready to take on anything.

It's going to be one big lie if I don't say the prospect doesn't scare me. But somehow, the news affect me 2 ways: when i start losing hope about things, about life, about my chances, I can always reflect that at least I'm still alive in the morning, God hasn't given up on me yet (or maybe we give up on ourselves but He won't). On the other hand, I just know, far beyond what my brain can ever comprehend, there is life after meeting Joe Black.

Anyway, the whole thing puts me back into perspective. Yup, we worry too much for comfort. in my conversations with my mom, she worries about leaving us, all her grown-up children, in disarray should something happen to her.  In our sad and sorry, dysfunctional state, we really are pathetic. But the truth is, we will all have to sort out our lives by ourselves anyway. passing on is coming home to our Creator and letting go of our earthly burdens. For the meantime, I just yearn for a an opportunity to ease my mom's responsibilities if only a little bit. I digress, anyway, but I guess that's enough deep thinking for the day.


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