Friday, October 8, 2004

Sick leave blues

2 days with the symptoms of the flu can drive anyone with my kind of activity level loony. But catch up on sleep and rest, relax and take a breather I know I must. That and somehow surf the free TV channels which sad to say, bore me to narcolepsy. Ho-hum there's nothing much worthwhile to watch. I wonder how the women of the households with no cable subscription can take the dearth of decent entertainment or if I'm going to be a bit ambitious, programming with a bit of educational value. Not even the music video shows like MYX offer a semblance of variety, it's just the same "reality" star discovery shows or self-absorbed rap stars if not heavily-"doctored" bimbettes singing some silly pop confection. The only good thing about this is that I'm forced to resort either to my DVD's, reading or sleeping (which I really badly need anyway).

It's entering tournament season and I have only a few days of rest available. Watching these silly shows would not help my state of health because literally, they're sickening. I mean, I would rather watch those American infomercials than watch the afternoon variety/drama shows. Don't mean to harken back to the good ole days but where were the Sesame Streets, Electric Companies, or heavens, Blues Clues, when you need them?


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