Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Tequila saturday, tourney aftermath, Avant at Greenbelt walkway and Supersize Me

Sat's tourney finished early enough for me to catch up on sleep and join the CentralCircle for dinner at C2's place. The Franzia red wine literally flowed. The ribs were, as usually, superb. the surprise was Aling Edeng's barbecue from Market! Market!  It was real meaty and flavorful, with nary a morsel of fat. Perhaps egged by the effect of the red wine, ambled to the nearest shell station with Q2 to buy tequila on B2's dare. I partially regret that because woke up with a throbbing head and severe dehydration Sunday, hehehe. It's been ages since I last touched the stuff and it's potent.

Missed breakfast with mom and had to make up for it with dinner. But playing in the afternoon helped sweat out all that alcohol in the system. Grabe, super init ang pakiramdam! Got the chance to watch some movies in the evening like Bourne Supremacy (which I found better than the first Bourne movie).

TOURNEY AFTERMATH - We didn't stand a chance against the other agencies with more practice and more players but it was fun to see old friends. Not that we fared so badly but it's difficult to make a credible showing with puyat, pagod, and so little practice.

AVANT - So much great stuff (read: gadgets) await at Avant at the Greenbelt walkway. It's like entering a theme park or candy store with so much stuff that would be wonderful to have. Hmmm, kulang na lang bonus, hehehe.

SUPERSIZED MOVIE - While largely experimental, the movie drove home a very good point. we're eating too much fastfood for our own good. It's a reality we can't ignore anymore. Even here in this country, we're really moving into a very Americanized pattern of living and eating. And it's going to cost us our health if we don't do anything about it. Some revealing scenes: the part where kids were shown pictures and asked to identify them. Not one of the kids recognized Jesus. Kinda tells you the moral state of the present generation. The other revealing scene was outside the movie proper - where different Mcdonald's stuff were stored in jars for like 10-12 weeks; the fries were very much intact even after like 10 weeks. Must be all that oil and preservatives. Makes you really think a lot of times before you shove that oily stuff into your grease-hungry mouth.


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