Thursday, November 25, 2004

30 days

It's just a month away from Christmas. The workpace is still hefty. No news yet of the 13th month balance, much less of a bonus. Another round of gas price increase. There's every reason to feel gloomy about the coming holidays but then again, I'd rather count my blessings. And redirect my focus on whose birthday we're celebrating. At a time when saying "Merry Christmas" can be reduced to "happy holidays" due to political correctness, it's about time I bring it back to its core. Money may be harder to come by but then again, I'm thankful I have a job and occasional sidelines. The workload may be hefty but I still have time to spend with friends and family. I may not have much money to shop with but hey, I've got my basics covered.

The song "Grown-up Christmas list" written by David Foster and his wife Linda Thompson (originally sung, I believe, by Amy Grant) may sound cheesy and preachy but now, more than ever, it rings true.

"No more lives torn apart,
that wars would never start,
and time would heal all hearts.
And everyone will have a friend.
and right will always win.
And love will never end,
this is my only lifelong wish
this is my grown-up Christmas list."

The bridge is especially eye-opening at a time when Santa Clauses and materialism seem to have overtaken Christmas:
"What is this illusion
we call the innocence of youth.
Maybe in our blind belief
will we ever find the truth"

Just a timely Christmas thought to meditate on.


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