Monday, November 22, 2004

Movies: Finding home, a robot 4 ur thoughts

After 4 consecutive days of overnight/overtime work, I was bound to really sort of oversleep and oversleep I did on Sat, missing out our much-awaited Laguna looping trip. Sat found me not wanting to really leave the house at all save to eat meals at the neighborhood grillery and the nearby KFC. Caught up with my movie watching list and here goes...

A HOME AT THE END OF THE WORLD - The blurb talks about finding home where you want it to be. The story is about the quirky relationship/love triangle between two best friends, one gay and one straight but strange, and a flower-power sort of a woman. She's secretly in love with the gay one, the gay one seems to be stuck on the straight guy, but she eventually have a child with the bisexual guy. But things are far from resolved since there are a lot of deep-seated emotional issues waiting to be uncovered and resolved. The end is bittersweet as woman and child go home to Philadelphia (maybe never to come back), the gay guy wishing his ashes be spread in this same solitary place they're settled in (story hinted he maybe sick with AIDS). Sissy Spacek plays the understanding mom here while Robin Penn-Wright is at home playing her sobering, mellowing character.

I-ROBOT - Finally watched this after getting a DVD that plays on my player. The premise is familiar territory as this has been played up in a lot of movies already (though Asimov predates their storylines I guess). Scary when robots begin to exhibit emotions and start acting like humans. Like in Spielberg's AI. You can start feeling real emotions for them. Nice graphics and effects although a lot looks obvious CG's.


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