Monday, December 6, 2004

Catching up

Had a quite restful weekend though played catch up with a lot of things. Like played my first game of badminton in 2 weeks. Got started with wrapping my Christmas presents. Caught up with my reading and DVD watching.

COLLATERAL - Touted as the first film megged entirely in DV, this is an interesting albeit violent movie. Jamie Foxx is the oftentime comedic cabbie hired for the night by an unlikely hitman played by Cruise. As I said earlier, the movie is interesting, often dark and splotched with a lot of bloody segments. Bottomline: you'd never know when serendipity strikes; nothing's coincidental nor accidental - we're put in situations with a bigger purpose than we may know. Go figure.

SCARY MOVIE 3 - Being a DVD nut, I missed this in the cinemas and intended to catch it on video. The parody continues, with a mishmash of "The Ring", "Signs" and even "Matrix". I even suspected a bit of "Gothika" thrown in. Just for laughs, this one delivers though I find the Mother Teresa segment in bad taste.

COELHO'S THE PILGRIMAGE - The book that jumpstarted Paolo Coelho's writing career, it is interesting and enlightening as Coelho's novels go. The narrative resonates with emotions, inner struggles, humility, anger, and so many of the human feelings we all have to deal with. The bottomline is as simple as it gets: the pursuit of our dreams is not the end all; it is in knowing what to do with them that is far more important. Next read: The Valkyries.


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