Friday, December 3, 2004

Yoyong strikes

The wind was particularly strong last night. Grabe, was being carried away everytime I go against the wind. A chunk of Legaspi Village had power outage as I walked home. Was able to go home earlier than usual but had to fix my computer since the guys over at Villman forgot to install the modem card. It was up and running in like 5-10 minutes. Was able to connect to surf a bit and download some stuff. But the downloading of i-Tunes and Quicktime Player was agonizingly slow but it was okay since I got to read a bit of Coelho's "The Pilgrimage." (Hmmm, gotta do it sa office and instead save it on my flash memory stick. The wonders of technology!)

That's after watching "WICKER PARK" which has an interesting premise, about how love can manipulate, can control, and finally, can endure. It was a bit overly long for me (credit it to the contagion of ADD) but an interesting turn, especially for its star, Josh Hartnett. One of the hardest thing about having a great face is that you can get stereotyped into cutesy roles but this is a more substantial, more textured turn for him.

The weekend beckons!  Hopin' to get more rest apart from the chores still waiting to be done.


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