Wednesday, December 15, 2004

CentralCircle celebrates 1st Christmas gettogether

Me and my temporary bouts of amnesia! Forgot to write about CentralCircle's first Christmas get-together last sat at B2's place. B2 came in from 3 days in Shanghai (wow!) and played gracious host (as always). as usual, it's toka-toka with MJ's fantasia choco cake a definite winner for a chocoholic like me.C 3's lapid chicharon is always welcome, hehehe. Came in from the office and had to stop over at Rustan's for a bottle of Bailey's for the exchange gifts (thank heavens for such instant gifts) as well as the Pistachio & Cashew and Choco Peanut ice cream flavors of Selecta. Both are yummy treats, the pistachio not at all sweet, a perfect compliment to the choco peanut which is an exact copy of the chocnut bar we love so much. Hmmm, so much calories in one night! But the nice company makes it all worth it. One of the highlights of the evening? The delayed telecast of Manny Pacquiao's fight. Leo and I can't help but yelp with glee over that fourth-round slam, hehehe. 

Nightcap was sitting around B2's real pine tree, making chitchat. Surprisingly, we didn't drink wine this time (save for C2), me in particular, because I have a long day ahead the following day. Thanks B2, D2, Q2, C2, MJ, Trixie, G2, Leo, Rachelle, Macky, and all the rest of the gang. Here's to more fun & togetherness!


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