Friday, December 17, 2004

Movies: Of winners, a Manchurian and Da King

Yup, the holiday whirl is now in full swing. It's the time to get in touch with friends and relations whom we didn't get in touch for the whole year. And even with not much sleep, it's like tradition to squeeze as many lunches, dinners or what-have-you's into an already crammed sked. Heck, I'm not spared from this. But this can take a toll on anyone -- like last night. Was forced to just go home and rest, missing out on the Gold's Gym party. Just seeing the crowd milling in Landmark is enough to make me want to just lie down and doze off. Grabe. Buying an item or two isn't worth it considering the long lines. But I guess that's the holiday season for you.

Our office party went rather well considering that almost everything was planned only one day before. The bonus was a nice enough bit of news. That I won the grand cash prize is another added bonus. Plus one of the big prizes in the minor raffle. Wow! I feel so blessed, many times over. It's just so interesting to note that everytime I give something to someone in need, the next day or two, I'll receive something in return. It happened so many times already in the past month, it's just so obvious to be coincidental. I'm mighty thankful Lord, please allow me to be a good steward of all these graces.

MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE - Caught up on my DVD viewing and this is a superb movie that kept my narcoleptic mind from blinking last night. It's an excellent take on a conspiracy theory -- a power-hungry cartel bent on putting a sleeper in the Whitehouse. Jonathan Demme delivers. As did Denzel, Meryl Streep and the other lead whose name escapes me at this moment.

DA KING - dunno or don't care which side of the political fence you may choose to belong to but if you'd ask me, i would say that the best thing we can do about FPJ is to pray for the repose of his soul. It's hard to fathom why people keep dragging his death into the political fray. I read yesterday that some people are even requesting the authorities to consider letting his remain be buried in the Libingan ng mga Bayani. That's too much. the man stands for onscreen heroism which hardly reflected his real persona -- a perennial drunk with not much interest in public service outside of the movie industry. Please don't trample on the sacrifices made by our real heroes who sacrificed even their own lives so we can enjoy whatever freedom we can now. Da King isn't a god. He's not even a role model. Let's not pretend he is somewhat he is not. But he is another soul who can benefit from our prayers.


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