Monday, December 20, 2004

Gadgets- & CD-crazy

Thanks D2 for going all the way to makati yesterday to personally hand me my spanking new Coolpix 5100 cam. Hehehe, this is where a big chunk of my bonus went and I must say I guess it's worth it. Will take so many pics this Christmas season so I can send them to friends & family overseas. Thanks so much too for the Michael Mcdonald Motown 2 & Yo-Yo Ma plays Morricone CD's. Both are receiving heavy spins on my i-Tunes player at the office and the CD player at home.

The Yo-Yo Ma CD is just sublime, in time for relaxing during the stressful holiday rush. The price tag is a bit pricey, coming from HK but from the first strains of Cinema Paradiso in the Giuseppe Tornatore suite, it's worth more than that.

The Michael Mcdonald sequel to the breakthrough Motown album is stupendous. The price tag may be a bit heftier than the Yo-Yo Ma CD but every track is a jewel from "You're All I Need to Get By" to "Baby I'm Real" and all the tracks in between especially the ones by Marvin Gaye.

Can't wait to come home and tinker with my new toy, hehehe. Thanks so much D2 for allowing me to get this new gadget for about 2 thousand bucks less than the mall prices here.

BACKTRACK TO SAT - Was supposed to watch the Concert at the Pen but B2 wasn't able to make it. So treated D2 & C2 to puto bumbong and bibingka merienda at Via Mare instead. Went the rounds sa ibaba ng Greenbelt and the two ladies had a grand time trying on and buying shoes. Dinner at Haiku. A bit of gadget-sightseeing at Avant. Fireworks display at Gbelt around 9pm. Simple joys for simple folks.

NEW ON THE READING LIST - State of Fear by Michael Crichton. On the first hundred or so pages. Update you later.

THANKS LORI - It's always great to receive news & emails from friends & family even if they're on the other side of the globe. Thanks Lori for remembering. Feel free to link with my blog & flickr accounts. Will share pics & insights even just electronically.


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