Wednesday, December 1, 2004

On drunk driving

The article caught my eye while pouring brewed coffee in the office pantry: getting tough on drunk driving (or something to that effect). During the holidays, this becomes a more pressing concern. There's no law about measuring the alcohol in one's blood when caught driving under the influence of alcohol.

I used to be guilty of it, I mean being dead drunk and hurtling over a hundred kph along C-5 in the wee hours of the morning. I can probably swear I've got all my faculties intact then. But I guess it's mighty foolish of me to keep doing that. I even had a former buddy make fun of his accident, saying it's the lamppost's fault to cross the road that caused his mishap. It seemed funny then maybe because apart from the expensive repairs of his mom's car and the constant sermon, he got out of it unscathed. But I realized later that it could, or my drunk driving for that matter, can cause harm to other people and that's no funny matter.

Yeah, in the spirit of the holidays, it's pretty hard to avoid drinking (pun intended) so go ahead and drink if you want. But for our sakes and the sake of others on the road, if you drink, please don't drive. Have somebody else take the wheel. or sleep over until you're sober. it ain't about being a killjoy. Rather, it's about realizing there's no joy in killing (or harming) others in doing so.


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