Tuesday, January 11, 2005

At a loss

Ain't a superstitious person but then again, it's the third time I lost things in a week's time. First, it was my glasses (so hard not to get a headache when I drive), then my coin purse. Last sat, dropped my Globe celfone in a cab (cabbie wasn't honest enough to even answer the fone when I called 3 times; after that, the fool just turned it off; well, he's gonna get his karma anyway). It's a lot of inconvenience but then again, I just hope something better's around the corner so I can recoup my losses. It made me think of dishonest people who never develop the habit of returning things that aren't theirs. Tsk, tsk.

Mishaps sometimes also follow you even if you're not looking for it. My car's got bumped by a trooper in Greenbelt steel carpark in the Christmas-new year's day interim. Lucky for me, the security staff was alert. In short order, the owner of the trooper paid for the repairs, never mind the hassle of driving to and from the talyer. Well, you win some, lose some. 

AT A LOSS FOR SOMETHING SENSIBLE TO WATCH - Stayed for the most part of yesterday and the afternoon shows on free TV are just awful. I guess part of the reason why our country's in such a sorry state is that dearth of quality programming where you can pick up something new and useful. the japan series of mini-documentaries on RPN-9 are so much more interesting even if you've watched them over and over again. 

AT A LOSS FOR REALLY SCARY MOVIES - "The Forgotten" starring Julianne Moore and Gary Sinise seems interesting but turns out to be quite forgettable. An "aliens conspiracy theory", it unravels midway and for all her acting chops, Julianne Moore can't quite save the weak storyline. If "The Forgotten" is forgettable, I don't know how to describe "The Grudge". For all the hype, this one falls really flat on the face. The "scary eyes & hairstyle" look spawned by the equally overhyped "The Ring" is getting tired and tiresome. Ditto with vampire movies like "Dracula 3000", somebody should really make a big stake and drive it into the heart of the soul-less scripts.


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