Thursday, January 13, 2005

Thank God for the net, Ofoto, Blogger, flickr and digital photos

3.04 am Manila time. It's been a loooonnnggg day with so many things to present this morning. In between tasks, it was a pleasant surprise to find an email from my 80-year old uncle in Kentucky. Was even more pleased to hear that Aunt Lois is in fact, alive and well (my apologies for that misunderstanding). Have to take more pics to share since Tito Erning sent like 51 pics via Ofoto. Hmmm, mapapalaban 'yung bago kong 256mb SD Card, hahaha. (good thing was able to get one from D2 to supplement my first one which is only 128mb.) How time flies! All my cousins over there are married na with kids. Looking at the pics, it was clear to see the Camacho blood in the kids even though talagang mestiso't mestisa ang hitsura nung mga apos.

Am also happy to hear from my friend, Lori, who's been based in California for the past 5 years or so with my 'surrogate' brother, Patit. Good thing din to hear that the weather over there has improved the past two days (heard that from Peter, another friend in the California area) as the last thing we want to hear is something akin to the tsunami calamity (though read in the news about the mudslide costing lives). Anyway, Lori, I hope you can read my post -- will definitely try to venture into the Greenhills area one weekend and photo-chronicle Virra Mall before they tear it down.T hat would really be a good addition to my flickr photos. I don't know my sked yet this weekend but I'm trying to clear it for a chance to go to the Arroceros Forest Park for a photo session. Next weekend, will go to Corregidor for an out-of-town-shoot (barring OT work, God forbid) with my friends who are also into photography.

Now, this is one of the many times i thank God for the internet. A few years back, I stopped sending out Christmas cards via snail-mail because it was such a hassle and was getting to be expensive as well. To hear that my 80-year old uncle is into emails and Ofoto is such a relief and a blessing. It was really an out-of-the-blue thing as I've lost touch for like the last 3-4 years when I suddenly got a card from him last December. Tito Erning, it's really a pleasure to hear from you again. And with the ease of using the internet plus my digital cam, camera fone and flash cards, there's no reason why is shouldn't be more in touch.

Meanwhile, gotta have my barako coffee fix.

P.S.  One of the blessings of YM chatting is that Peter and I were able to exchange banter on the new Mini Mac and iPod shuffle. something to save for -- not that I'm turning into a gadget geek, hehehe.


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