Friday, January 14, 2005

Mini Mac u like crazy

My friends Lori, Peter (both based in the U.S.) were chatting (seem more like drooling) since 2 days ago about the Mini Mac. Nevermind the iPod shuffle which I find cool yet lacking (no display at all so it's really a random player which maybe troublesome if you have to keep searching your 120 or 240 playlist).

Maybe, Lori's right, this is a wonderful opportunity to migrate to Mac. My stumbling block to owning a Mac is the prohibitive price (even a second hand Mac is double the price of a basic, generic PC). Would've loved to buy a Mac last month but ended up buying an upgraded basic PC. Even shelled out 5 grand for an original Windows XP that keeps getting wild (always nag me about reloading it because some of my accessories like my D-link modem and MSI Bluetooth are not Microsoft-tested). It's due for an appointment with the Villman guys and if you'd ask me, I could've waited and instead opted for the Mini Mac. Di bale, there's always the midyear to look forward to, an ideal time to find out if the first generation Mini Mac performs up to the task.

THE SECRET LIFE OF GADGETS - Ever wonder why gadgets (or appliances) break down all at the same time? It's like what scientists found out about trees, that they seem to "talk" about themselves when protecting against predators. It's the same with gadgets, it seems. My PC is getting wilder the past two weeks. My cordless headphone has gone bonkers. Hmmm, makes you wonder if like the toys in "toy story", they just come alive when you're not looking.

TECHNOLOGY-ENHANCED MEDITATION - On my 16th day of meditating using Holosync, audio technology with the claim of helping ease one into theta and delta states through the use of different audio signals for the left and ride ears. Even if I didn't go through the literature, even the free sampler induced deep relaxation. This 4-disc set is worth the wait (waited like 4 months before I got the funds to order it from the U.S.). Wouldn't want to endorse anything but this one really had a profoundly calming effect on me. It was hard to believe at first but the difference is dramatic from the first session. Anyway, the distribution company is while the company is In a stressful world, it's 30 minutes of deep relaxation no massage or aromatherapy session can match.


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