Sunday, January 2, 2005

Movies: Johnny's depth & other DVD tales

How fast time flies when you're trying to catch up on commitments and rest. Wasn't it only days ago when, looking forward to some R & R, I along with the rest of the working humanity eagerly awaited vacation time. You can really spend a lot of time accumulating junk that it takes more vacation days than you have on hand to clear the garbage in one swoop. But I do appreciate the time off to attend to carpentry and other jobs -- like proving that my carpentry skills aren't that rusty (assembled the hefty a/v rack in 3 hours, hehehe, still got the touch after all).

FINDING NEVERLAND - Anyway, caught this on DVD last night and I must say the story behind the conception of Peter Pan and Neverland is as magical as the tale itself. I certainly relate to the idea of sometimes wishing to stay a boy forever and never grow old. But it's certainly true that while people and things eventually go away, they can live forever in one's imagination, if one only believes. I read somewhere that the movie's in the running for an Oscar and deservedly so. It's pretty hard not to be moved by this great movie. I won't delve further into the details but Johnny once again gives a deep and moving performance as sir James Barrie with excellent acting by Kate Winslet and the child performers as well. Do catch it when it gets shown -- it's that good.

CELLULAR - Taut, action-packed with sprinkles of comic relief thrown in by William Macy. Great entertainment and interesting thoughts on the impact of cellular communications in the extras.

THE DOOR IN THE FLOOR - What happens when you open the door in the floor even when your mama told you not to? But you're just a boy, so it's just natural to be curious, right?

LITTLE BLACK BOOK - Brittany Murphy is in the same bubbly mode as Reese Witherspoon. She's funny and dramatic in this movie. The moral is: don't succumb to the temptation of peeking into someone's blackbook. Period.

GARDEN STATE - The immediate attraction is watching Natalie Portman in a role other than Queen (and later senator) Amidala. a feel-good movie about living, loving and letting go, especially of delusions and depressive thoughts.

Happy new year to everyone. Hope and pray this is another blessed one!

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