Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Film shorts - Shall We Dance, Mr. 3000, In Good Company

SHALL WE DANCE - As Richard Gere says, it takes two to dance. And this charming movie romances audiences with a charming storyline (picked up from a Japanese original). Gere once again fascinates, JLo takes a passionate turn. The movie's not just about dancing but how and why we search for something else to break the humdrum of everyday living, about daring to make a change, and about not taking people for granted. 

MR. 3000 - Ernie Mac movies are always funny and this isn't any exception. Nice moral about not getting fixated on numbers and most of all, on our own, individual achievements. 

IN GOOD COMPANY - In a time of mergers and downsizing, this is a nice, fresh perspective about waking up and finding that your boss is half your age. It's also about more than getting ahead, but rather, about getting a life. Hey, we all can learn from this.


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