Sunday, March 27, 2005

Batanes - Day 2: Around southern Batan in an afternoon

One great thing about Batanes is that everybody knows everybody. We've hooked up with Aldrin, a Sabtang native and DOH worker, in the airport. And in turn, he introduced us to Philip, who'll be our guide and companion for the day, touring around southern Batan in his trusty tricycle. The weather was fickle all right, turning windy one moment, sunny the next, and drizzling in between, but what the heck.

Since Congresswoman Dina Abad's house is very much near Radar Tukon, we ventured for a round of photo-taking. We were lucky since she was around and obliged us not just for pleasantries but rather served us great, brewed coffee in her warm and cozy kitchen. What a welcome change from the politicos here in the city. We chit-chatted about the island-province and what it faces because I dread what over-commercialization will do to it.S he has nice, realistic plans for the province. I totally agree with her on the part that Batanes shouldn't be marketed by the Dept. of Tourism like the other places. It appeals to a different set of tourist (like me) who crave for isolation and introspection.

We discovered a lot of other interesting things from her (something I'll reserved for future posts). and we even got a formal approval to visit the house-turned-museum of her late sis-in-law, Pacita Abad, which is just next door. Amazing!


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