Sunday, March 27, 2005

Batanes Day 3 - Good Friday

Call it serendipity but it's pretty obvious, divine forces are at work here.  It's Good Friday and I'm not really sure if we can really climb Mt. iraya on a Good Friday. We've got perhaps, the most qualified trail guide on Batan but will he really show up and work on Good Friday?  Show up he did. And we were joined by two others who share the same plight of having companions who'd rather sleep the afternoon away instead of hiking up some 1,517 meter mountain. 

We've met Che-Che, a producer of the Knowledge Channel, while having breakfast at Shanedel's.  Then, we got word that somebody from the Seaside Lodge would want to find companions on the trek - Paul, an Ateneo professor and former media man and a member of the U.P. mountaineers.

We got to the foot of Mt. Iraya at around 9, armed with packed lunch and water, greeted by densely-planted woodland, inviting us to go deeper and higher into the woods.


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