Friday, April 22, 2005

Finding life affirmation

There is something life affirming in nature. while editing my flickr pro account, came across this landscape shot of the Chadpidan shores.

There's a certain rawness to it, the rocks constantly lashed by the waves. but the skies and the greens temper the raw sea and landscape, bringing a balance that's somehow a silent reassurance. Especially during times when i feel low, tired, fatigued, drained. by a seemingly dead-end job. By a seemingly-non-stop whirl of work and nothing much of anything else.

UPDATE ON ARROCEROS FOREST PARK - My good friend Noelle just came from there today. She reports that it is still open though there's an ongoing protest of teachers.S eems to me that Mayor Atienza's rallying teachers to push for construction of the City College of Manila building. So if you've got the time, please do drop by and admire the forest. Maybe take pictures and drink in the fresh air in the middle of the polluted downtown area... while we still can.


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