Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Flickr happy

Got the most pleasant surprise from D2 yesterday - my very own flickr pro account! which means I don't have to delete older pics to make way for my newer ones. Now my only dilemma is how to fill up 2 gigs with pics, hahaha. a very happy problem indeed. Who knows if I can really make it to Sagada by month's end?

Thanks so much D2! And thank you very much to my other flickr-happy friends -- B2 who played host to our flickr night, Vince whom I haven't seen in a long while (great to see ya again), and Bohol-bound Gerard (hey, the flickr pro account gives us ample alibis to go to more out of town shoots!). What's great about hanging out with friends is that you don't need anything earthshaking to happen; just be yourself and eat, eat, eat. last night's dinner menu reads: KFC, Buddy's BBQ, longganisa and pancit habhab, Razon's ensaymada. Somehow, part of my (good) karma is being surrounded by friends who love to eat.


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