Thursday, June 16, 2005

(Beautiful) lesson at the bus stop

On the way home from Sagada, was a bit concerned that I had only 200 bucks left in my wallet. But a young woman taught me I shouldn't be really worried. at the Tarlac stop, she boarded and handed over a note to passengers saying that we might be interested in buying her dried mangoes to help her earn enrolment money.

Was it a ploy? I didn't really care because the last line of her note jumped out at me: it's easier to work hard than to beg. It made me think I'm overworrying about my temporary state of money deprivation when here's a young lady who's been thrust early into making a livelihood to earn her way back to school. 

An unexpected learning, a lesson as beautiful as this wild flower I found growing near a sidewalk in Sagada.


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