Friday, June 10, 2005

Going solo

I must admit it's pretty disappointing that our group's out-of-town-trip to Banaue & Sagada won't be pushing through. One, ang tagal ko nang di nakita ang mga ito. And two, I mean, after cutting my Camiguin trip short by 2 days, the group decided the weather may not be ideal for making a trip to the mountains. My golly wow! But I understand the predicament. And stubborn me has decided to go on with the trip and bypass Banaue altogether and go straight to Sagada. With Monday declared a holiday, the opportunity to go interconnecting caves is much too good to pass up.

I just read posts in a forum within National Geographic about going on solo trips and found like-minded people with similar predicaments. It's not often that your friends can find the same time in their busy schedules to go on a trip (or shared interests or inclinations for that matter), lalo na pag out of town. Which is why going solo can be a viable alternative.

Some people find it strange (and some, even selfish daw) though it lets one explore at one's own pace. I just wish a lot more places here appreciate the solo traveler because most accommodations, for example, are meant for a minimum of two people which can be costly. But then again, traveling alone allows you to be inventive (make financial sacrifices, for instance). so, from the volcanoes of Camiguin, I'm off again to the mountains and the caves. See ya around!


Unknown said...

hey oggie, good luck on ur adventure. alam mo, it's so true, kahit san yata in the world, di solo-friendly ang mga tourist destinations hahhaa..but rest assured that even though you go solo in sagada, it's not gonna be much of a financial sacrifice, kasi sobrang cheap talaga..and think about the good side, you're in total control of ur time and pace diba?! I'm gonna get go solo too in August, I'm planning a New Zealand tour kaya eto sobrang tipid mode ako ngayon hahahahaha..Enjoy and I look forward to a lot of pictures, ok?! If the weather permits, I might be going up to Sagada too next week, I'll be in Manila for a week next week eh, heheh, if not, well I guess the city would do for me :) Anyway, God bless and see you around! Good luck and have fun in your sagada adventure :)

boyetb said...

Hey klasmeyt! Sayang di natuloy ang planned banaue-sagada trip. Hayaan mo, matutuloy yan bullet day! Papuputiin ko ang uwak para matuloy yan hehehehehe


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