Monday, August 1, 2005

Learning the ABCs of BMC

Had a blast at the BMC of MFPI last weekend.  Thanks Mar for the great sessions. It's great to be around people terribly younger than I am (hehehe), you can't help but catch the energy and excitement. I've missed out on a trip to Laguna but  I guess this is something I have to do since it's very long overdue. As a bonus, my group won the navigation round (maybe not due to my able leadership, hehehe, but because the team members cooperated well with each other). 

Made new friends to boot and this early, we're planning a climb, perhaps to Pinatubo by end of August or early September. Will eagerly look forward to that, Erwin, York & Dennis! Many thanks to Sherwin for referring me to the federation. Hope to make it to the induction climb two weekends from now, schedule allowing.


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