Friday, July 29, 2005

Counting my blessings

It's a blessing to just be able to find time and talk to friends about all sorts of things in the course of a week made busy by extracurricular activities rather than work. To Emz about growing in faith (and having a more personal relationship with The Guy Upstairs). To my art guys, Sherwin and Atan, about a common love for the mountains. To Mike, my fellow personal trainer, about going the extra mile to help clients meet their fitness goals.

It's also a blessing to receive word from flickr friends and blog buddies like Lori. Or get my daily text messages from B2 so we can get updated on each other's life no matter how busy life gets (my sincerest apologies for not making it to the Laguna trip tom. I hope to make amends on our Bolinao trip_c")_

And of course, I consider it a miracle that the weekend will be work-free so I can take my overdue Basic Mountaineering Course from MFPI tom and sun as well as meet more friends who share this passion.

I always believe that God send friends your way and these people are precisely here to help me make that trek to somewhere i should be going.

After weeks of a rather languid work pace, business is picking up, which is good. Sana magtuloy-tuloy na. Gets me into thinking lang nga when I could take time off naman to refill my blog and flickr sites with fresh entries. Hopefully, our Naga and Lucena shoots will push through next week (despite a crammed week) so I can squeeze in shooting sprees here and there. 
P.S.  My flickr site breaches the 3,000 visits mark. Thanks to all my visitors and of course, to D2 who gave the pro account as a gift.


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