Thursday, October 6, 2005

Glad tidings

I know it's kinda early for mentioning references to the yuletide season. But I can't help but be thankful for graces coming my way. After a spell of sad developments, disappointments and depression, things are turning around. Let me count the blessings... 

- Got an offer to train a friend for a badminton tourney for a fee;
- One of my scenic photos got picked up for inclusion in a calendar (again for a fee);
- Got a response to a complaint from Broadband Philippines straight from the one in charge mismo;
- Got an email from Noel, a retired Fil-Am teacher living in Los Angeles who, through my Camiguin blogposts, was able to take a sentimental journey he's dreaming to take -- to trace his maternal roots. Wow! That one really humbled me because I never knew how far-reaching my blogging and flickring were;
- And last night, at the MFPI (my mountaineering federation) meeting, I am again humbled in finding peers who somehow look up to me. Truth to tell, in a very short time, I've found a big bunch of friends who share my passion for the mountains even though most of them are terribly younger than I am. While I regret not having enough time to share with old friends (hopefully I would make amends during the Christmas season), I'm very glad I finally took up serious climbing this year (blame it probably to the fact that I'm tired of seeing Travel Time instead of living it).
- Lest I forget, business at the office is picking up after quite a long dry spell.

Praise God!


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