Monday, October 17, 2005

Makiling - Mudventure

Would've wanted to go and summit Mt. Makiling last weekend as a birthday climb for Sherwin and personally, my climb for this month.S o the three of us (with Toni) went on the trip only to discover that the trail is closed for the time being. There were two earlier instances of hikers getting lost in trail coming back to the jump-off. The lateness of the day also meant Makiling will have to wait. So we settled on the next best thing - the mudsprings, where gurgling sulfur-rich waters send steam into the trees, making the place a bit surreal. And since it's nearing Halloween, my imagination wanders, like any moment now, a swamp thing or a T-Rex will emerge and grab people for dinner. But all's well that ends well as we found ourselves in Puravida in Tagaytay, a nice, homey place near Fat Michael's. Thanks Sherwin & Toni for a nice weekend. 

now, i pray that our work sked will allow me to climb mt. pulag this oct. 29, God-willing. my feet are itching since it's been a month since my last climb (no wonder).


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