Monday, October 24, 2005

Maculot - Lost and found

Saturday found Tina and I sa Maculot for a tune-up for the Pulag climb. We got lost twice and the only explanation we can think of is there's some mystical reason behind it. Descending, we can't find the trails that got us lost. curious. Especially considering that the Maculot trail is very well-established. The lesson? Never underestimate a mountain. And always pray.

Eager for bulalo in Lipa, we boarded a tricycle from Mang Manuel's place. Heavens, I lost my wallet. But after a quick succession of events, the vice-mayor of Cuenca personally returned it to me.  It was a miracle of being lost and finding, all in the same afternoon. Even if one doesn't believe in miracles, you'd surely believe in them after these chain of events.


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