Wednesday, November 2, 2005

Pulag: a piece of heaven on earth

pulag: panorama 
It's another blessing to find the long weekend work-free as I joined York, Eric, Tina, Cecille and a motley group of mountaineers to Pulag. 

PAO Administrator Emerita Tamiray is engaging even to the most jaded, sleep-deprived mountaineer. Sana, marami pang katulad niya, smart and knowledgeable people to guide and guard eco-tourists.

The jeeps weren't able to fully negotiate the trail to the Babadak ranger station so we got off to an early start on the trekking and got us delayed on our I.T. no regrets though as the grey skies didn't allow us the opportunity of a decent sunset last Saturday.

It was unbelievably cold, especially during the evening so as to totally miss out on any kind of socials (regretted that last-minute decision to bring a decent jacket!) but the stove performed beautifully! And York had a brilliant idea of having our tagayan on the jeepney ride to Baguio.

Waking up freezing at 3am was worth it the minute we saw the sun creeping up the horizon, peeking from a bank of clouds. Truly heavenly! The sight makes me teary-eyed each time I see it, a view that can make the most hardened atheist a believer.

Thanks so much brother York for making the trip possible, and also to my MFPI brethren for making it a joyous experience.  Till the next climb!


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