Thursday, December 29, 2005

'tis the season to be thankful

Due to the lukewarm business climate this year, we didn't get any bonus. Oh well.  While that's a letdown, especially after months of toiling and putting in long hours at the expense of personal matters, I would like to keep trying to find reasons to be thankful for.

Like getting together with good friends from CentralCircle whose friendship has transcended the confines of the badminton court. Savoring the joys of simple get-togethers. meeting and getting in touch with old friends again. Receiving greetings from new friends. Or getting small bonuses (non-monetary but fulfilling nonetheless) like getting a one-on-one stretch session with THE Dr. Dave (Bercades) no less!  I guess that's one of the fringe benefits of the holiday season, as the gym seems deserted all-December-long (fact is, you can call Gold's Gym ghost gym, hehehe).

And while I've long since stopped being a big wisher come Christmas time, I have to acknowledge getting my fair share of memorable gifts. Like that Moleskines diary from D2 (bibinyagan ko na 'to sa Sagada!). A Pirelli shirt from B2 (I'm wearing it today!). A Nike water bottle cum belt-bag from C. I guess the key to finding joy is being thankful for every little grace, every little blessing we get. A blessed 2006 to all of us!


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