Thursday, March 30, 2006

Salamat, salamat, salamat!

Just a thankful posting for being so blessed...
• My flickr photo site surpassed 10,000 views today. When I dabbled a little more seriously into photography in late 2004, I didn't really know where it will lead. Now, I get emails from overseas inquiring about and asking permission to use my pictures.
• Thanks so much to my good friend, D2, for the flickr pro account gift last year. And for convincing me to go into photography a year and a half ago.
• Thanks a million also to my buddy, B2, for all those out of town foto shoots (I kinda miss them now because of the toxic work skeds & personal commitments) and for introducing me to flickr when it was still in beta version.
• At siyempre, salamat to all my blog readers and flickr visitors. your kind words encourage me to keep on going.

Here's to looking forward to the next 10,000 views milestone.


Unknown said...

congratulations, kita naman ang ebidensiya, mahusay ka talaga. ipagpatuloy mo yan!

Sidney said...

Wow ! Congrats !
Your pictures are good and you have talent so you deserve it !

Yesterdays_ashes said...

WTG Oggie,

Your pictures are so beautiful to look at....thank you for sharing them with us to enjoy. Wishing you the best.

micki said...

Congratulations on the 10,000! How wonderful! This shot is stunning!

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Magaganda naman talaga pics mo!

Anonymous said...

uy, congrats pare!

Anonymous said...

hi Oggie,
Finally had the chance to view and read some of your posts. Wow! galing ng mga pix mo. Pwede bang manghiram para pang-design ko sa blog ko. I really like this one with the bamboo and and the sun. Very peaceful.
all the best

lagal[og] said...

hi leah!

sure, go ahead and use it. you can also get it thru my flickr site, feel free to visit and browse through my set entitled "sunrise, sunset"

God bless!


Anonymous said...

ok, thanks. I will look at your photos...I'll just let you know what I like best to use as header for my blog template (still in the editing stage). Ganda kasi talaga ng work mo. I would love to get an original print. I'll let you know.


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