Monday, March 27, 2006

Depth of field

It was a working weekend this last one. While I terribly miss dozing off until 10 or 11 most Saturdays or catching a nap on most Sunday afternoons, it was a joy to find myself out there in the fields of San Benito, in Laguna, eagerly watching the sunrise. And staying on until the sunset, capturing dramatic images, learning a lot from our farmer talents in the TV commercial shoot, making new friends. as direk Sockie (Fernandez) wits, "walang ganito sa Maynila," referring to the fresh breezes, the lulling sound of the birds, the sound the rice stalks make when the wind blows. It was a tiring 2-day marathon session but then again, eating your dinner in the middle of the rice field increases your depth of field, of perspective. It makes your problems a little bit trivial in the bigger scheme of things. As we were discussing out there, the experience makes you reconsider the common thinking that city-life is the life. Truth be told, there is a colorful life waiting to be lived outside the city, far away from the malls, a world away from the contrived conveniences of the metropolis. Funny because I used to detest going to the province during weekends when I was young. Now I know better.


john edward said...

In Smart my base is in our HO in mkati but I appreciate my stints in NL and SL. when you spend enough time outside bustiling manila you learn to appreciate the simple joys as well as simple and sincere folks of the suburbs..

Sidney said...

I think you need the best of both worlds...:-)
I enjoy life in the Province but I need a shot of city life regularly. Since I am living in Manila it is just the other way round. A shot of nature once in a while... :-)

Unknown said...

sana ma preserve ba ang fields natin. napapansin ko kasi unti unti ng lumalawak ang ka maynilaan, at unti unting ginagawang subdivision ang mga palayan. kapag nasa north superhiyway ako nakikita ko mga bukid, sarap tumambay doon kahit mainit ang panahon, basta may silong or lilim na puno, oks na oks. mag set-up lang ng hammock.

oks yug kuha mo, with matching costume pa.

lagal[og] said...

sidney, a musician i befriended in sagada puts it well - city folks like us have a role in symbiosis: we earn our keep, take a vacation, spend our money to help province folks in turn.

cruise, i really agree with you on this. when i was younger, going to bulacan is really a trip to the province. unlike now, when it seems like a regular trip home.

john, taga smart ka pala? our ad agency is one of those that service smart. liit talaga ng mundo! don't get me wrong but i find the folks in the province so much friendlier and eager to help. and it's not about the money kasi wala naman ako noon, hahaha

Photography said...

awesome shot. super galing.


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