Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Ilocos - Visiting Vigan

14 April, Good Friday: After one salo-salo after another, it's time for abstinence. Our group opted to go and visit the Vigan church and watch the Good Friday procession. Of course, we squeezed in a kalesa tour of Vigan, including a trip to the burnayan (pottery making) of renowned potter, Fidel Go. As a souvenir, he gave me a small jar (which now sits on my bookcase beside a drum from Sagada). While Sherwin's sisters and Kay went off to shop along Crisologo street (the heritage walk), I went off to the adjoining side streets in search of old houses, of which there are many. We ate Ilocos empanada right there in the town plaza where hawkers cook and sell them along with Sinanglao (ilocano version of bulalo) and Ilocos kalamay (sticky coco dessert). One thing very surprising is to find so many people crowding Vigan on this day.


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