Wednesday, May 3, 2006

Pangasinan for the long weekend

It wasn't until after anticipated mass last sat that I decided to join my MFPI fedmates' trip to Pangasinan. It took me 15 minutes to pack my backpack so I can make it to the 9pm meeting time at the Five Star station in Cubao. 'twas nice to see my fedmates, some of whom I haven't seen in like half a year. Left at past 11 for Dau where we met up with Pareng Erwin. Rode the van and arrived in Pangasinan at around 7-8am Sunday. The group certainly wasted no time as we were off to the Enchanted Cave after breakfast. Then, off we go to our real base - Patar beach in Bolinao.

The sand is fine and nice to sink one's feet in. We decided to camp far from the noise of the videoke posts and spent the afternoon catching up on sleep and taking a dip in the beach. By 5pm, we went to the Cape Bolinao lighthouse.T oo bad, the gates were closed but that didn't keep us from having a ball, taking photos and catching the dramatic sunset from the elevation. Our socials was a blast, tired and weary we may be from lack of sleep.

Because of the humid weather, decided to sleep on the beach on top of the papag table. Roused at 2.30am by Dan kasi I'm the alternate driver. We fetched Cecille, Tyrone and two other companions na humabol for the Hundred Islands trip.

The morning surprised us with a revelation: two of our tentmates have been robbed during the time we were away. With our companions sleeping like logs because of inebriation and fatigue, somebody sneaked in and took a Nikon digital camera, a Nokia celfone, 150 dollars, 3800 pesos of our trip funds, an organizer and important documents. We reported it to the barangay and the police. This early, they already have a suspect. Hope this kind of crime gets solved kasi Bolinao will get a reputation for harboring lawless elements if this keeps up.

All these hassles didn't keep us from exploring Hundred Islands in the afternoon. What the heck, we might as well enjoy ourselves.T hanks Erwin, Dan and company for a nice weekend. 

Tourist info: Hundred Islands National Park, tel. no. (075) 551-2505 • motorboat rates:island rates: Quezon Island - cottage w/o room (P350/dt; P500/on); cottage w/ room (P600/dt; P1000/on); picnic tables & picnic area (P100/dt; P150/on); tent space (P100/on) • Children's Island - nipa house (P600/dt; P1100/on); tables (P100/dt; P150/on); floating cottage (P500/dt; P700/on); tent space (P100/on) • Governor's Island - guest house (P2200/on incl. generator & water; table for rent & picnic area (P100/dt; P150/on), tent space (P100) • rubber tubes, life vest, snorkelling gear and tents are also available for rental small (P600/daytour; P1200/overnight); medium (P800/dt; P1600/on); large (P900/dt; P1800/on); add P200 for island hopping


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