Sunday, June 4, 2006

Elegy for a fallen comrade

It was a busy, hectic, stress-filled two or so weeks kaya natagalan before I can post again. But now, working overtime on a Sunday, I am stricken deep with grief in writing this new post.K asi it's about a mountaineer-friend who just passed away.

I thought the text I got his morning from Tina was just a prank or joke -- York and friends had a Pinatubo climb yesterday. The message continued that he was swept away by the strong currents sa Big Kuweba, our most-dreaded place sa Porac trail and he was missing kahapon pa. We prayed na sana ma-rescue pa siya.B ut around lunchtime today, we got reports that his body has been found.

It's all too weird kasi the first thing I read when I opened my office Mac this morning was the group's bday reminder -- it is York's birthday today. Even as I write this, I am shell-shocked and numb. I was crying while eating lunch.T he last time we talked at length during our Makiling traverse climb 2 months ago, he was keen on making the most of his climbing days this year because he's planning on working overseas next year. To cap it all off, we were even planning on scaling Kinabalu towards year-end. But I guess heaven had other plans.

Wherever you are bro, my prayers are with you. May the Lord bless and keep you.T ill we meet again in the great big boondocks in the sky...


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