Wednesday, June 7, 2006

Setting the record straight

Spent two nights in a row in two separate wakes. Mamaya, a mass for the souls of our fellow mountaineer-friends. Sa Friday, burial. It's been a dizzifying, nerve-wracking week. In the midst of the grief, heto pa ang mga mali-maling report sa media.I n the interest of fairness, here are the facts:

- The bodies of York and Bjorn were found by fellow mountaineers who walked for 5 hours para suyurin yung Pasig-Portrero River, not by the National Disaster Coordinating Council. To begin with, it was difficult to get in touch with the authorities for help. And let's give credit where the real credit is due.
- Only two members are from MFPI. This is not a group climb. Far from it.
- There are 27 people in the expedition, not 26 as reported.
- 3 were swept away by the flash floods. 2 perished while 1 survived.

The physical and emotional toll of the tragedy on the victims' families and friends is already overwhelming.S ana naman, wag nang dagdagan ng maling pagbabalita sa media.


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