Thursday, September 7, 2006

Manila - Baywalkin' the blues away

Call me eccentric but I really get a high out of walking mindlessly, especially when I'm contemplating on something. Last Sunday, took out my camera and tried to put in a photo session in between pacing the Manila Baywalk. The sun hid all day so it's quite frustrating. Nevertheless, walked away with some captures I'm happy about. BTW, let me take this opportunity to thank my blog friends, D2, Jeff, Sid, Cruise, Ferdz as well as my new visitors for the encouragement. Believe me, there are days when Ipractically drag my feet to go to work. any encouragement, no matter how small, from wherever it may come, is certainly welcome.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're seeing colors now! Yes, a nice walk could clear up the air and gives you some sort of perspective on things.

Sori couldn't reply earlier since I'm going through a bit contemplating meself. Hehehe. Sure we could try to organize something on the weekends

Anonymous said...

Beautiful picture again...
I switched to beta-blogger and i didn't realize that it still has bugs , one of which is a problem with the commenting section. I switch mine to halo-scan. Hopefully, that works better.

Keep smiling ..."Every dark cloud has a silver lining"


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