Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Sabik sa Zoobic

An out of town TV segment shoot last Sunday enabled us to do a side trip to Zoobic in Subic. It was an idea already gestating in my mind for like two months but never got to act upon. then all of a sudden, it just landed on my lap.

The Tiger Safari concept is interesting though the theme park were obviously very much affected by typhoon Milenyo.A  lot of the attractions were absent or in shambles.

I digress but my curious mind just wants to know what is the matter with some folks that make them feel like they can feed the tigers any junk they can throw them?A  lola on our jeep actually had half-the-wit to suggest that in the Tiger Safari area. Another lola tried poking the bear cage to the chagrin of the tour guide. Tsk, tsk, I thought the kids had a monopoly on such acts of foolishness. If we don't watch it, we can have a mishap straight from the tv series "Exposed - When animals attack" right in our hands. 

Anyway, Zoobic is located right in the SBMA, near Ocean Adventure. touted as the only Tiger Safari in the Philippines, entrance fee is P395 (adults) & P295 (children). the fee covers a walking tour of the petting zoo, serpentarium, honey bee farm, rodent world, egg-ziting story, and animal bones museum plus a jeep/private vehicle tour of the close encounter, tiger safari and savannah. use of the Subic train is P50. theme park is open Mon-Sun from 8am-4pm. For more info, visit www.zoobic.com.ph


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