Monday, January 22, 2007

All aboard M/V Doulos

And some quarters say Pinoy readers are a vanishing breed. You wouldn't know it from the thousands of people who braved the Sunday afternoon sun and hours-long wait, foregoing the comforts of the mall for a chance to board M/V doulos. The world's largest floating library, Doulos was docked at the South Harbor for the good part of this month. I nearly passed up the chance to visit yesterday but it was a good thing I didn't. Even if only to provide support to the very worthy cause of this traveling organization -- that is, to provide a bridge for man to God. Not to say that the book selections were not satisfying. On the contrary, if I had more money with me, I would've brought home lots of books and stuff, inexpensive and some are even rare. It was also a nice gesture for the youthful duo manning the info desk to allow me to take photos while onboard (there were signs saying otherwise near the entrance). 

When I arrived at a little past 2pm, over half of Chicane's Behind the Sun album played on my iPod before I got on board. The lines were even longer when I left at 5pm, extending to the passenger waiting shed of the Macapagal Harbor! Guess I'm one lucky dude after all. Anyway, visit for more info.


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