Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Light Expo - Razzle dazzle

It's the first time I was able to join D2 on a weekday night shoot. Di man natuloy ang World Light Expo shoot namin nung Sat, this time, we made it. The lights were dazzling though the wind and the excessive ambient light made good captures a headache. The 300 peso entrance is ok but considering that a lot of the attractions were not in place, would-be goers are advised to defer going until March.T here was a streetdancing and acrobatic show going on but I was so razzle-dazzled by the light displays and intent on capturing as much images as I can, didn't catch it. The Expo runs until mid-April at the Roxas Boulevard and Coastal Road junction right across Uniwide Coastal Mall. Show runs from Mon-Sun, 6pm-12mn. Installation: La Feyett e Spalliera


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