Friday, April 13, 2007

Bohol - Church stop: Baclayon

A Bohol visit isn't just complete without a stopover at Baclayon church, the country's oldest standing church (it predates the Manila Cathedral by almost 10 years; while the Manila Cathedral was constructed ahead, it was rebuilt later). Trivia: the church was built with egg whites mixed with limestone. Annie Feleo's travel book theorized that with all egg whites used, the Pinoys figured out a way not to waste the yolks by concocting yemas and leche flan.

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Andrea said...

Hi Oggie,
I've been to most of the Bohol churches, but your photos made me feel like going there again, because now i feel like i've let those opportunities unmaximized. Ganito na lang: Bakit ba hindi ko sila na-capture ng ganyan! Grrr!



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