Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Siquijor - At home at Casa de la Playa

Was supposed to stay somewhere else, either in Candanay Norte or Larena but fate found me at Sandugan, 6 kilometers away from Larena town proper.  To be exact, at the Casa de la Playa. It's like a hundred or so meters away from the main road but I really appreciated the location. The beach was desolate, my veranda overlooks a magnificent view of the sea and the surrounding islands of Iloilo to the left, Cebu in the middle, and Bohol to the right.I  got billeted at the Casa Blanca (a most apt name) which is sort of Greek-inspired. The people -- from Hans, my German guide, Linda, my ever-reliable manager/host, to Emely, the affable owner -- made me feel at home the moment I stepped into the resort. Check it out at www.siquijorcasa.com


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