Friday, August 10, 2007

More thank you's

Got word I've been included in the Digital Photographer Philippines 2nd On Assignment team to Coron-Calauit scheduled for Aug. 26-29. After not shooting for weeks, I have two consecutive shooting weekends, the first one in Cotabato on Aug. 18-20 with ironwulf. It's such a blessing to find myself in this position.A nd all glory goes to God. Amen.


Sidney said...


carlotta said...

awww, congratulations! hope you will enjoy your trip!

estan said...

congrats pre! okay yan pa byahe byahe then shoot shoot :p

j. luis said...

galing mo talaga. sa bagay, kung may mata - gamitin, kung may camera - i-click, kung may overtime - dream na lang ng next photo assignment. hehe.

way to go pro!

lagal[og] said...

thanks sidney, carlotta, bai estan and digs.

maraming-maraming salamat sa pagsulat niyo. i really appreciate the kind words. at siyempre, ikaw bai estan ang idol ko! naks! nindoot kaau!


estan said...

special mention! hahaha... thanx pre.


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