Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Sebu! Sebu!

The jeep chugged along with extreme effort as it fought gravity on the steep, winding road. The fumes of the diesel fuel choke but we endure. It's been two years since we were blog-buddies but this is the first time Ferdz (aka Ironwulf) and I meet and travel. We're trudging our way some 1,700 kilometers away from home but look forward to some wonderful sights down south, in Lake Sebu, Cotabato. 

The air grew nippy as we go up the 700 meter plus elevation. It feels more like being in the cordilleras than Mindanao. It's been like three hours since we touched down in Gensan. Riding the yellow bus from Gensan to Koronadal, we took another bus to Surallah.T hen, a tricycle to the jeepney terminal for the jeep headed for Lake Sebu. We must've looked really sleepy and hungry, three kind ladies offered us minatamis na saging -- an act of kindness that bodes well for the rest of the trip. the locals are super nice and hospitable. Makes one really think and reconsider all the media hype about the whole of Mindanao as a hotbed of strife.

We find our abode in Punta Isla, overlooking the lovely Lake Sebu. Dropping our bags, we set for a long weekend adventure. anyway, thanks so much Ferdz. While I was prepared to go lonely planet-style for this trip, I really don't mind having a great buddy to come along. 

To go to Lake Sebu: Via Gensan - earliest flight is via PAL (7am) or Airphil (8am), flight time: 1 hr. 45 min.) • Ride taxi from airport to Yellow Bus line (P300 standard rate) • Bus to Koronadal (P40, 2 hours) • take bus to Surallah (P25, 30-45 min) • Take jeepney to Lake Sebu (P25, 1 hour)


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