Wednesday, October 10, 2007

OA Palawan - Day 1: Rainy day at Kayangan

We left Manila on a Sunday, the 25th of August.T he trip started on a funny note for Glenn and I. We thought we were in the domestic airport early and waited an hour for the others to arrive. Only to find out Norman, Dave and Jerry were all there inside. hahaha. 

After a relatively short and smooth flight, we were in Busuanga. Ahhh, the smell of fresh air is invigorating. Pagsakay ng jeep, Jerry and I decided to topload. The road was rough in a lot of places but the view is nice, the breeze refreshing.

After checking in at Darayonan Lodge, the biggest (I think) in Coron, we immediately jumped on the chance to venture to Kayangan Lake. The weather was far from cooperative, with intermittent rains and very cloudy conditions. At this point, I’m getting apprehensive whether I can get decent shots of the limestone formations as we pass by. We had lunch on the boat at kayangan lake where the guys obliged to a dip. what the heck, we were a bit wet anyway when the rains fell while we were at the lake's vantage point.

One of us nearly lost his tripod, leaving it on the tricycle on the way to the pantalan. But thank God, and as a testament to the honesty of the Palawe├▒os, an urgent text message to the driver brought it back.

Had dinner with the guys at a karinderia and went home to rest a bit early. We have a long day ahead the next day. Lucky me, when the guys asked around who snores, I was honest to admit I do, hahaha – I got a double room all to myself (since Nino C., DPP’s affable technical editor wasn’t able to join us).


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