Friday, October 5, 2007

Salamat, salamat, salamat

I'm no stranger to nice comments and praises for my captures. Truth to tell, I'm not really sure whether I'm anywhere as good as the words that describe the images. But they sure make my day, any day. The past two days have been heady for me. Yesterday, got a flickrmail from Allan of Koronadal who remembered me from Gensan. Honestly, that blew me away because I always travel incognito. To begin with, I really go and leave without much noise or fanfare. So, for anybody to actually remember me some place down south is really mind-boggling. Today, got a super duper flickrmail from Hvlian with comments typed in all caps to boot. 

In all humility, I'm doing what I'm doing because I want to do my share in showing off what this country has got. Much of what is publicized out there are the ugly sides of the Philippines, which we don't have a monopoly of. Anyway, for years, I thought I maybe fighting a lost cause but these rather strong reactions tell me happily that I'm wrong. For all of you out there who wrote (or silently lurk) in appreciation, I offer my profuse thanks.I  hope to continue to be healthy and financially able to continue this journey. Rest assured, I will keep sharing these trips with everyone.

As a way of thanking y'all, here's another snap from my Lake Sebu trip with my buddy and blog idol, Ironwulf. Have a good trip, everyone!


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