Friday, October 5, 2007

All smiles

The sun is up once again but there's no telling when the strong winds will blow and the rain will fall again in unpredictable squalls. For the meantime, I'm digging deeper into my Coron captures and coming up with keepers like this one. when we went to Coron for the DPP On Assignment trip, it was right smack into the town fiesta. Even if the power is on the blink, with half of the whole town in a power outage, people still came in droves to celebrate like this group of smiling, happy revelers. Makes one really think that Pinoys are really innately celebratory, armed with ready smiles and a welcoming disposition. The weather wasn't all that cooperative during our photo assignment trip but i can say we were blessed with the sunshiny warmth of the Coron townspeople.


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