Monday, November 12, 2007

No kidding

Let me start this post with a disclaimer: I respect other photographers' opinion on street photography. But I might as well come clean:I  have an aversion for taking pictures especially of kids in orphanages or out in the street for posting in some forum, inviting the viewer to heap praises on the captures instead of evoking sympathy and inviting assistance. Many times, I turn away when I keep seeing these images in the internet.

One of my favorite charities is the Sisters of Mother Teresa. One time, I ventured there armed with a DSLR. But the sisters explicity yet nicely told me not to take pictures. At first, I wondered why not? But one of them told me that more than the pictures, what the kids need is my time, my caring. That was a sobering explanation. Which is why now I think there's a never-ending flow of images of the needy everywhere but not enough people who would want to take their hands off the camera, get their hands dirty, and personally give their time and undivided attention to these kids.

Anyway, the child in the picture was hankering Ironwulf and me for a shot so we felt compelled to take it. But I really feel guilty not even asking the child's name. I intend to make amends.


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