Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hey look at the sun

A fellow flickrista, Cornelio, who's based in the US. wrote to ask me about resources on Philippine destinations/food outlets/accommodations which are not available through Google or other search engines. I had the same idea quite some time ago but the irony of the endeavor is that to come up with an exhaustive site on telling people (mainly those on a backpacker's budget) on how to travel the philippines without breaking the bank, one needs quite a hefty sum of money. It's a nice idea though, like putting the late Doreen Fernandez book "Lasa" on the web. Maybe one day, I'll get around to doing it. 

For the time being, will use this blog to help out. I'm just aghast that people often find it incredulous that one can indeed travel on a budget. Was watching ABS-CBN's "Trip na Trip" La Union episode last Friday and was really floored that one establishment was charging almost 5,000 pesos a night. Migolly, that's more than my entire budget for my 4-day Dumaguete-Siquijor trip inclusive of accommodations, guide fees, land transportation, and food!  No wonder a lot of Pinoys I know won't dare go out of town.A nyway, I haven't given up on this dream project. Who knows, one day soon, the resources will materialize. Maybe, it's just a matter of looking at the sun, at the brighter side of things. maybe. Image taken at the Tulapos Marine/Mangrove Sanctuary, Siquijor


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